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This broad category means that most people need an estate plan. Once you turn 18, you should have your own estate plan.  As a minor, under 18, you are protected by your parents’ estate plan. 

Do you want to control who will receive your property when you pass away?

Of course you do.  In order to do this, you need an estate plan.  Your property includes any type of property such as a car, home, or any other items that you own. 

Do you want to control who will receive your money when you pass away?

This can be as simple as money in a bank account.  You worked hard for it.  It is important that you decide who and where your money goes to when you pass away. 

If you were injured or incapacitated in an accident or any other medical condition, you may not be in the position to make medical decisions.  Through a Medical Power of Attorney, you can appoint someone to make medical decisions on your behalf.  Without one, it would be necessary for your loved ones to petition the court to be your appointed agent.  This would then allow them to make medical decisions on your behalf. 

You would do anything for your kids.  One of the most important things you can do is plan for their survival, in the event of your and your spouse death or that you are incapacitated.  A Will allows you to appoint a guardian for your minor children, those under 18, in either of these cases.  Failure to appoint a guardian for your minor children, means that the court will ultimately decide who raises your kids. 

Do you need an estate plan?

If you are like most Americans, you probably do not have a will or living trust.  If you are over 18, have any accounts, personal property, or minor children, you need a will or a trust.  The good news is that I am a professional, high-quality, experienced estate planning attorney in the Baltimore, Maryland Metropolitan Area.  The law firm provides superior estate planning services including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and more.  After a quick meeting, I will create your personalized estate plan to meet you and your family’s needs.
The best part: no stuffy law offices.  I come to you.  Your home. Your office. Your loved-one's bedside. You name it.

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Mobile Estate Planning MeansYour home.Your office.Your loved-one's bedside.You name it.

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First, we will meet in person or over the phone to conduct an interview.  The law firm's mobile service means meeting you at your home, your office, your favorite coffee shop, and even your loved-one's bedside.  During the interview, we will discuss and review your desires for your estate plan to include your will, power of attorney, trusts, Advance Directives, and more.  Together, we will review your assets, liabilities, and identify who you wish to designate as your representative.

Number 2

Estate Planning Document Preparation

During this step, the law firm will prepare your estate planning documents and review it for accuracy.  This step normally takes 48-72 hours.  Emergency, on-site, same day document preparation is available for an additional fee.

Number 3

Estate Planning Document Delivery

The law firm will hand deliver or mail your legal documents for review and signature.

Number 4

File Documents With Your Local Court

File your final estate planning documents with your local court.  For your convenience, my law firm can do this for you and/or store your executed documents for easy access.

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